When you order from our menu – be it a full English breakfast, a traditional Sunday lunch or delicious evening meal – you can rest assured that it was created from fresh ingredients, purchased from local producers and suppliers.

Fresh ingredients

For many years we have maintained excellent relationships with local suppliers, who provide all the meat and fish as well as fresh fruit and vegetables for our kitchens. We believe there is no substitute for preparing dishes from fresh, high quality ingredients and know you will enjoy the difference every time you dine in our restaurant.

beer chef_fresh_food

Unpretentious menus

Unlike many restaurant and pub chains, we do not try to recreate every type of cuisine on an oversized menu; our chef is focused on creating a simple menu, featuring traditional dishes which he and his staff prepare with care and cook to perfection.

The restaurant is open from 7am right through to 9pm every day – flexible for families and ideal when you have a particularly full day.